Laura McCarthy: Meet Our Team
Meet Our Team
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Meet Our Team

Clayton Office

Kathy Beilein, President
Alicia Tierney, Broker/Manager
Kathy Beilein, Broker/Manager
29 The Boulevard
St. Louis, MO 63117
Office: 314-725-5100
Fax: 314-721-5004

Town & Country/Frontenac Office

Cristy Barnes, Broker/Manager
Laurie Dardick, Broker/Manager
2730 North Ballas Road
Town & Country, MO 63131
Office: 314-569-1177
Fax: 314-569-5077

Relocation Services

Lindsey Sutherland, Relocation Director
Carol Allen, Relocation Coordinator
2730 North Ballas Road
Town and Country, Missouri
Office: 314-569-0808
Fax: 314-569-5077

President/General Manager: Kathy Beilein 314-725-5100
Executive Assistant Betty Horn 314-725-5100
Closing Broker/Manager: Cristy Barnes 314-721-1774
Printshop & Technology: Kay Luecke 314-569-1177
Marketing Lauren Seiler 314-725-5100