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Leslie A. Owens
314-725-5100 / Office
314-276-5858 / Cell


 Leslie Owens has always been a go-getter! Active as a top producer for over 25 years, Leslie has offered both local and relocation services to hundreds of customers in the area and is a 9-time recipient of the 5 Star Real Estate Agent award only given 7% of the eligible St. Louis area realtors. A resident of Olivette yet well informed on selling and listing in all areas, Leslie brings enthusiasm and energy to her interactions, while individualizing all her associations with careful personalized attention.


Some of Leslie’s guiding business principles Include: 

    • Implements a negotiation strategy that maximizes the clients needs and desires.
    • Develops a strong working relationship with other agents.
    • Insures the accuracy of all paperwork and executes meticulous care when addressing details. 
    • Offers availability by phone, text and email. Always takes calls, except when in meetings, where she texts the response expeditiously.  
    • Provides reliable feedback and information on a timely basis. 
    • When at all possible I follow up on every showing with a phone call. Automated feedback forms leave a lot of questions unanswered and through this direct outreach I can often re-stir interest. 
    • Valuing and treasuring relationships with the goal of creating life-long clients who will refer me to multiple family generations and friends .


With over $100 million in sales, Leslie’s experience runs wide and deep, and so do her friendships. Leslie is easy to be with and fun, while being a trustworthy, proprietary custodian of your privacy. You can always count on Leslie to offer her tireless pursuit of your priorities. All you have  to do is call on her and she is there!  


Check with her and she will provide a seemingly endless list of referrals and testimonials such as:


“… Leslie brought an incredible, whatever it takes attitude. Leslie is simply the best.” Mal (executive from St Louis University School of Law)


“Awesome! Leslie is amazing. She was by our side through the entire process often holding our hands. I love her empathy and her calm reassuring manner.” SK and CK (Webster Groves)


She is frank, to the point without being pushy, she returns calls quickly and she has a ready smile…Thanks, Leslie for making our purchase easy.” Tricia F. (Kirkwood)