Right House, Right Price

Right House, Right Price

Finding the Right House for the Right Price

  • Once Buyers know how much house they can afford, they concentrate their search in the areas where home values correspond to their price range.
  • Learning the market is a matter of comparison shopping. Buyers learn value by comparing the location, size, condition and amenities of one home with those of another, similarly priced.
  • An agent’s feedback and perspective will help you rate priorities and sort through many choices. For instance:
    • Is new and perfect better for you than historic and mellow?
    • Do the interior spaces of House A fit your lifestyle better than the floorplan of House B?
    • Should the yard be low maintenance or provide play space? What is more important, privacy or a good view?
    • What is the price of convenience – the value of nearby schools, shopping and easy commutes?
  • The more home buyers evaluate, the better they learn the market. The more they know, the more confident they become. With confidence comes decisive action followed by success.
  • A designated buyer’s agent can help you interpret key information about recent neighborhood sales which relate to the subject property; the length of time a property has been on the market; and its original asking price.

Trust and communication are the foundation of a productive buyer-agent working relationship.