What's My Home Worth

What's My Home Worth

How we can assist you:

  • Our estimate of value will reflect hours of research including the most recent, pertinent sales, public and private. More importantly, we bring a perspective based on years of field experience.
  • Last year, 77% of our listings sold for full price or more and 87% sold for 97% or better. Many of our sales represented all-time highs for either the street, the neighborhood, the subdivision or the community. 14% of our listings sold in one day and 73% in a week.

Pricing Facts:

  • The objective of each seller’s home marketing strategy should be to develop a strong immediate response from virtually every qualified prospect. It is competition among buyers -- the fear of losing a valuable opportunity to someone else – that prompts the very best offers.
  • Never underestimate the importance of good timing. The price paid for real estate is greatly affected by the calendar, by supply and demand.
  • The Market for a particular property is defined by its asking price. Price determines who comes to see what is available for sale.