With a rural-like terrain consisting of rolling hills and large woods with mature trees, Frontenac was a premier destination for equestrian enthusiasts. Beginning in the 1950s until the 1980s, Frontenac was home to several family-owned stables including the Otis Brown Stables on Countryside Lane, and the Palmer Stables and Clayton Hunt Club on Bridle Lane. These stables began what was a network of horse trails that continued from areas surrounding Geyer Road and led to land on what is presently the Plaza Frontenac property. This influence is still honored in the area today, with many of the subdivision names on and near Geyer Road named after equestrian, hunting, and other references to the English countryside.


While now a suburb of St. Louis, Frontenac has not deviated far from its rural roots, maintaining predominately one acre lots with a population density of only 1,221 per square mile (roughly ½ of the County average).


• Settled in 1830’s

• Established in 1947

• Population approximately 3,500

• Area served by Ladue, Kirkwood,  and Parkway school districts


Noted for:

• Nestled comfortably between Ladue, Creve Coeur, Huntleigh and Des Peres

• Large lots, spacious homes, tree lined winding and hilly roads.

• Architecture includes, Mid Century, renovated historical homes and many newer homes and some magnificent mansions

• Frontenac Plaza

• Great restaurants

• Location affords an easy commute to all points of St. Louis

• Home to several private schools