Wildwood is the newest city to incorporate (1995) located in the far southwest corner of St. Louis County and its specific mission is to preserve as much of its natural beauty as possible by limiting growth. Relying on absolute zoning restrictions, this community intends to enjoy its vistas of farmland, rolling hills, deep woods, and meandering streams in perpetuity.


• Settled in late 1800’s

• Established 1995

• Population approximately 35,000

• Rockwood school district https://www.rsdmo.org/


Noted for:

• Wildwood is the home of the Al Foster Trail, and numerous other trails, parks and reserves such as Rockwoods Reservation and Babler State Park along
 stables and riding trails.

• Big Chief Restaurant remains from a tourist complex that was opened on historic U.S. 66 in 1928. Now listed on the National Register of Historic Places List.